What Causes Double Vision with Contacts and How Can it Be Fixed?

by Jun 17, 2024

Double vision, also known as diplopia, is a vision condition where a single object appears as two distinct images. When experienced in conjunction with wearing contact lenses, understanding the underlying causes and effective management strategies becomes essential for maintaining visual comfort and clarity. There are many things that can lead to double vision, but if it is consistently only when wearing contact lenses, the causes are more focused.


Causes of Double Vision with Contacts 

Double vision with contact lenses can result from various factors, including incorrect prescription strength, lens misalignment, corneal irregularities, dry eye syndrome, astigmatism, or underlying eye conditions such as keratoconus. Inadequate tear production, contact lens dehydration, improper fit, or lens warping can also contribute to visual disturbances and overlapping images while wearing contacts.


Impact of Refractive Errors on Visual Perception

Refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, or presbyopia can affect the eye’s ability to focus light properly on the retina, leading to blurred vision and potential double vision symptoms. When contact lenses are not prescribed or fitted accurately to correct refractive errors, individuals may experience visual disruptions, ghosting effects, or overlapping images that can interfere with daily activities and visual tasks.


Corneal Irregularities and Contact Lens Fit

Corneal irregularities, such as irregular astigmatism, corneal scarring, or pterygium, can influence the way light enters the eye and is refracted, causing double vision issues with contact lens wear. Ensuring a precise contact lens fit, proper centration, and alignment on the corneal surface is crucial for minimizing optical distortions, optimizing visual acuity, and reducing visual aberrations associated with double vision symptoms.


Dry Eye Syndrome and Contact Lens Discomfort

Dry eye syndrome, characterized by insufficient tear production or poor tear film quality, can worsen visual disturbances and discomfort when wearing contact lenses. Inadequate lubrication, ocular surface irregularities, or tear film instability can lead to blurry vision, fluctuating focus, and potential double vision episodes that impact visual performance and lens wear comfort.


Managing Double Vision with Contact Lenses

To address double vision symptoms while wearing contact lenses, consulting with an eye care professional for a comprehensive eye examination, refraction assessment, and contact lens evaluation is recommended. Treatment options may include adjusting contact lens power, design, or fit, switching to specialized lenses for corneal irregularities, utilizing lubricating eye drops, or considering alternative vision correction methods like glasses or refractive surgery to improve visual clarity and reduce double vision effects.


Professional Guidance for Visual Concerns

Managing double vision with contact lenses requires a thorough understanding of the underlying causes, accurate diagnosis, and personalized treatment approaches tailored to each individual’s ocular health needs. By addressing refractive errors, corneal irregularities, dry eye symptoms, and contact lens considerations in collaboration with experienced eye care providers, patients can optimize visual comfort, minimize double vision challenges, and achieve clear, consistent vision with their preferred mode of vision correction. Prioritizing regular eye exams, proactive symptom management, and open communication with eye care professionals can help individuals navigate visual concerns effectively, enhance their visual quality, and maintain optimal eye health while wearing contact lenses.


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