Are the Lenses in Your Glasses Too Thick?

by Aug 1, 2023

For individuals with a high prescription, wearing glasses with thick lenses can be burdensome. The weight and appearance of these lenses can detract from the overall comfort and aesthetic appeal of the eyewear. Thankfully, there are several steps that can be taken to make the lenses in your glasses thinner, providing a better visual experience and enhancing your confidence. Let’s explore some effective strategies that can help achieve thinner lenses.


Choosing High Index Lens Material

One of the most significant factors influencing lens thickness is the material from which they are made. Traditional lens materials, such as standard plastic or glass, have a lower index of refraction, resulting in thicker lenses for higher prescriptions. However, newer lens materials with a higher index of refraction can significantly reduce lens thickness.

High-index lens materials are designed to bend light more efficiently, allowing for thinner lenses without compromising optical performance. These materials come in different refractive indices, typically labeled as 1.60, 1.67, or even higher. By choosing a higher-index lens material, you can effectively reduce lens thickness while maintaining excellent visual clarity.


Opting for Smaller and Round Frames

The frame you choose for your glasses can also impact the thickness of your lenses. When selecting frames, consider opting for smaller and rounder styles. Larger frames tend to require lenses with larger curvature, resulting in thicker edges. On the other hand, smaller frames allow for flatter lens shapes, which can significantly minimize thickness.

By choosing frames that closely match the size of your lenses, you can reduce the amount of lens material needed, resulting in thinner and lighter glasses. Additionally, round frames have more petite peripheral curves compared to rectangular or square frames, further reducing lens thickness.


Considering Aspheric Lenses

Another option to explore when aiming for thinner lenses is to consider aspheric lenses. Traditional lenses have the same curve throughout the entire surface, resulting in greater thickness at the edges. Aspheric lenses, on the other hand, have a more complex curvature, gradually changing from the center toward the edges.

This unique design allows for lenses that are flatter in the periphery, reducing overall thickness. Aspheric lenses provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance and can enhance visual clarity by minimizing distortions and glare.


Requesting Thin-Out Instead of Thick Lenses

During the manufacturing process of your glasses, there is an option to request a lens thin-out. This procedure involves reducing the thickness of the lens in specific areas while maintaining the correct prescription. The thin-out process is carefully executed by an optician, who skillfully grinds the lens to create a thinner edge without affecting the optical quality of the lens.

Lens thin-out can be particularly beneficial for individuals with high prescriptions, helping to achieve a more cosmetically appealing and comfortable pair of glasses. Consult your eye doctor or optician, who can evaluate your prescription and discuss the possibility of thin-out adjustment.


Consultation with an Eye Doctor or Optician

To determine the most suitable methods for achieving thinner lenses, it is important to consult with an experienced eye doctor or optician. They can assess your prescription, individual needs, and desired goals, guiding you toward the best lens materials, frame options, and customization choices.

By communicating your preferences, concerns, and lifestyle requirements, your eye care professional can recommend the most appropriate solutions for thinner lenses. They can also ensure that all adjustments are made accurately, providing you with glasses that not only offer enhanced visual clarity but also improve your overall comfort and confidence.

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